Every now and again we get feedback from one of our clients that we are happy to share.  We strive for and often receive this kind of evaluation. In this case, we were subcontracting for Wachter:



October 3, 2014

From a Wal-Mart store planner:

"Great job! Thank you!"


September 30, 2014

From a Network Engineering Technologies project manager:

"All too often our business turns into “here’s a job, please get it done.” But I wanted to take a second to commend (Alltronics technician) and your team for their strong install performance this construction season. Chris has shown a thorough understanding of our installs and is prompt with deliverables. These allow us to close out jobs quicker and move along with our hectic schedules. Thanks again for being a great vendor for NET."


June 14, 2014

From a Walmart Store Planner working out of Bentonville:

"I want to thank [the tech crew] for their good work at the Neosho store. I also want to thank everyone at Alltronics for your hard work night-after-night and for jobs well done. The quality of your work and doing things right as Walmart observed is the key to our future success. Thank you!"


November 15, 2012

A data technician from a construction firm with whom we worked on a Costco store sent this to us:

"Good afternoon, I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to express to you how great [Alltronics technicians] worked out at the East Peoria, IL Costco. I have applauded them personally for all their hard work on the job site. Costco has commented numerous times how great everything looked on the site and if it wasn't for the great work that these three performed I don't think it would of been mentioned. ..Once again I personally want to thank you for the hard working and professional workers that they are. The 3 of them are a true asset to this industry. I hope that I get the chance to work with them again in the future."


October 9, 2012

From the project manager on the same Costco job:

"Just wanted to let you know I have received some excellent feedback on your guys. They are working very hard and efficiently. I appreciate you sending that experienced crew out."


March 16, 2009

From a manager at one of the larger firms with whom we subcontract:

"Honestly [tech lead], I'm pretty happy with Alltronics. You guys take care of the customer, know what you're doing and do what you say."